La Ruta del Trompe





Red: the color of colors; blood and fire. Zines: pocketbook publications, self edited-published and managed.  Maximum freedom of expression that rocks…yes, we are in Madrid, visiting the “Parque del Retiro”, some of them fly and some lie down, but they always sing. Then we go out for “Tapas” with stylish Andrés, when we meet the red side of Rafa, the vegan: “shit-loads, amigos, machines, the finest pieces of crap, alien semen and skulls”. The second edition of the MEA Festival: serigraphy, illustrations, drawings and literature!


BGutter Fest

“Sooner or later the bullfighter pays”, from Madrid to Barcelona into another encounter. Stories from perseverant lives, like Silvina Resorte, a punky until death. In some places the “shack” is worth more than the office. That’s why this time La Ruta del Trompe visits Gutter Fest, in between portraits and comic art…it’s full of funky characters! Tattoos, music posters, artwork and hallucinating illustrations, details and tells what sometimes goes unheard.



Fire purifies the time that kills; all the flames go upwards and then go back to earth through lightning storms. This is a cycle, where does it start or end? From the magnificent Coliseum we go to the “Forte Prenestino”. “Crack!” Festival, where we can find first grade crap…50 prison cells used by borderline artists – independents that do whatever they please, they are disobedient and love to show their teeth (whether they are laughing or growling).