La Ruta del Trompe

The Endpoint


The Endpoint

AEmbroidered Middle East

Back to the starting point- Do – but now it’s the closing musical note. Nico is in Holy land…Jersulam or Belem, Palestine or Israel…however you’d like to see it… “It seems it’s contagious, the mystic of a place with religious tendencies”. Hi Aviv, where are you from? From Tel-Aviv. What do you do? “With thread and needle, the contrary of a soldier, I join stories within an embroidery”. The exemplary context, from the walls into the other side…all cousins, library-bunkers and the origin of the “black panthers”.

BFrom Wall to Wall

This time the conversation is in English, so that everyone from there can understand fluidly. Blue star, green falafel and orange juice. Once again blue, green and orange… In the old city there are three entries: Christian, Jew and Islamic. In its center there’s a golden dome and the Wailing Wall, divided by gender and where you only leave walking backwards…to show respect. Clandestine dance parties, kids on top of cars, messages on walls, are you in peace with what you see? Progress or involution? HeartBeat, if it weren’t for the music, none of this would make sense.

CJew's Harp Festival

We are in Leipzig (Germany), in a Jew’s Harp festival. Ancient music and theatrical set-up, in between laughter and beat box, and Europeans dancing with Latin flavor, there are some people that just with the movement of their fingers can produce movement waves that we can even feel on our intestines! Back to the start, Lotte’s museum, ground zero, after all the turns we’ve made, new objects are placed in the museum’s shelves, for a new start…The end of this season is dedicated to the Mapuche guy, the search for the Jew’s Harp origins must continue, a promise we won’t break.


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