La Ruta del Trompe

The Origin


The Origin

AThe Jew's Harp and the Grandmas

Blue seems distant and infinite, it’s one of the primary colors, for some it’s their favorite. The Jews Harp, as everything, has a beginning but its lineage is mysterious.  Nico guides us through the start of this search, presenting native and authentic landscapes and characters in the road of this journey. In a longing deep blue we rhythmically insert ourselves in this whimsy first chapter. What’s the Jews Harp? Where does it come from? Who can play its sounds?

BThe Fiura in Cucao

Our skin turns blue from the coldness; death arrives as an impending future for every birth. Turning to our predecessors, the ones who left this world, their stories and their laying place; expands our boundaries! This chapter of La Ruta del Trompe leads us, with a resilient rhythm, to evoke diverse scenarios and myths that transcend in time. The glorious blue surrounds and protects them. The color of endless possibilities invites us to cross the Andes and meet other blues, skies and oceans. The beautiful and shocking death dances in the search of the Jew’s Harp.

CDreaming in RGB

In this chapter a dream in RGB, the primary colors in light, interrupt with La Ruta del Trompe. This dream originates questions about art and culture…do we expect correct answers? If we apply chromatic filters, we cook…we even travel! We continue in “Do”, fantasy blue, dreaming…how could we avoid it? Landscape painters knew it; the blue in the sky is even deeper when we go up.


Lotte Weisner

Amapolisa/Isabel Weisner Horowitz

Nahuel Antun Cuyen de Inti Che

Rodolfo Weisner Horowitz

Lemu de Inti Che


Francisco Rios Araya

Being Boucalais

Tierra Mia

Kota de Inti Che