La Ruta del Trompe

The Strada


The Strada

AThe Road to Sicily

Ti: celestial light blue, the whiter and ghostly blue. On the road to Sicily, the origin of the Italian Jew’s Harp is near. We see decorated ceilings and the good usage of the olive oil. More hallucinating than the leaning tower, are the people that pose in front…watch carefully. The scooters are zooming by and Pepe, a Pop-Up artist, is popping his wild artwork.

BNoto in Sicily

Who makes those drawings in the sky?? Who built those skimpy roads between Noto and Palermo? The reddish color of the land in Sicily is a witness of time, here; Nico meets Luca, a Jew’s Harp expert and member of the Ipericusionici band, who spreads a message against corruption and the Italian mafia. The instrument, its shape and origin, we already know it’s intrinsic to the traveler. A few steps from Africa, the street are the soul of this city. Go to Sicily…the triangular and prehistoric island, which goes from the legend of the Aretusa nymph, to the Cosa Nostra.

CThe Origin of the Marranzano

Majestic ruins, paradise is close-by to Syracuse, feels like dreaming and unfolding ourselves, and you won’t believe you’re awake! These Roman-Sicilian ruins are everywhere and will make you fall in love; even the most isolated are deserted! Yes…crazy birds that live in feline cornices… Nico runs and plays the Jew’s Harp in the manner he was taught to, and in the way look who he met.  Maybe the origin lays in who built it more than in the one who preaches it?


Simone Ravaioli

Peppe Cerillo

Luomo Dub de Sonido del Príncipe


Luca Recupero


Hacienda de México Dubweiser

Quannu Moru


Carmelo Buscema

Seven deadly beats de Cy Kosis